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Chantelle Charlebois


Photo by Eric Charlebois

My beginnings are humble. With my first dog willingly in tow I enrolled in my first agility class with Travis in July of 2010 at a small local training facility.

It wasn't long before I found myself out at the agility field

3-4 times a week practicing our skills. The sheer joy that those hours gave me are really what drove me to teaching.

I was having so much fun that I wanted others to be able to experience that joy as well.


Like all things I do, I wanted to be the absolute best I could be as an instructor. This drove me to begin working with only the most talented, knowledgeable, skilled agility instructors locally and online. It is these instructors that helped me become what I am today, and it is these instructors that I continue to learn from all these years later.

In 2016 the obsession for dog sports saw my husband and I purchase the property we are on today. It was a blank slate, ready for becoming all I wanted it to be

The construction of the traning building in 2019 finally allowed me the opportunity to take training to the next level. I began offering classes full time; allowing me to work every day with some of the coolest, most caring, talented, hard working students. 

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