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Chantelle Charlebois

The outdoor training season is upon us! So why not share a few updates.

The pool will be filled as soon as the load restriction is lifted and the truck can get here. Give us 2 weeks to then get the water just right and then she will be open for rentals. Class information to follow in the next week.

Rings 2 and 3 will not be used this season for classes or rentals, they will be used for our scheduled events only. The large open field will also not be regularly maintained, except for our one scheduled event. The walking trails will continue to be maintained as in past years.

New Ring 4 will be opened in the first 2 weeks of May. This Ring will be for rally, puppy and sport foundations level classes. This ring will be available for rent.

Since we only have one ring of equipment to move Eric and I will complete that task - no equipment unpacking day will occur this year.

Classes will move outside as soon as the turf firms up. The driveway may still remain closed for a few weeks so plan for walking from the parking to the ring.

Hmm....anything else?

Tanya G
Kelly St-Jacques


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