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Those that purchase as season pass will be able to book unlimited walk on our trails for private use.


Upon purchase the client will be provided with a coupon code to use on all walking trail bookings.


Seasons are May to October (summer), and November to April (winter). Trails are booked subject to availability; trails are open sunrise to sunset. Trails may be closed after significant snowfall, or during spring flooding; they may also be closed during special events when we would be unable to guarantee privacy.


Please read the following:

1. No refunds will be provided after the first booking has occured.

2. One additional person may join the renter. The name of the guest must be provided on the booking, or provided via email before the rental occurs.

3. Off leash walking is permitted at the owners risk and expense. Dogs may be taken off leash when the reach the end of the driveway.

4. Any altercations between an off-leash any dogs, livestock or people will result in a penalty ranging from revoking off leash privilages all the way up to a permenant ban from the property.

5. All solid dog waste must be collected by the renter.  No exceptions. Any found dog waste or waste bags should be reported to the facility owner to attange for clean up.

6. Wildlife is present on the property. Turkeys are common, but also seen are deer, skunks, foxes, and one time a moose! Off leash walks are at the dog owners risk and expense.


Walking Trail Season Pass

  • Purchasers will be emailed a coupon code upon order processing.

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