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Nancy Trus


Welcome to dock diving! I’m Nancy and I will be your instructor.

I have been teaching dog handlers and their pups professionally for more than 15 years. I teach multiple
levels of obedience, rally obedience, trick dog training and therapy dog preparation among other


I have been involved in therapy dog visitation for many years as I find great joy in sharing the
unconditional love of my dogs with others. With the acquisition of my second and third dogs who are
Golden Retrievers, who LOVE the water and LOVE to retrieve, I have become a big fan of and competitor
in dock diving.


Gambit my first golden started my love of the sport. He will gleefully throw himself into absolutely any body of water to retrieve a toy. Competitive dock diving came naturally to him.


Crush, my second golden also loves to leap into the water. Especially muddy water! Last year was his first in
dock competition.


My third dog and household matriarch is Solace. A mixed breed who prefers not to
get wet if at all possible.

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