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Each year Millennium Dog Sports welcomes hundreds of dog sports competitors and enthusiasts from all around Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Most events are hosted directly by Millennium Dog Sports, but we also rent out our facilities so that other clubs and individuals can host their own events, using our space and equipment.

Turf Building

Our small but adequately sized training building will suit most everyone's training needs during the cold winter months.

The 40'x80' training space is sufficient for training contacts and handling.


Juta Grass turf is the safest indoor footing available. Keep your dog, tug toys and personal equipment clean and dry. Propane heat keeps the building at the perfect temperature for training during the winter months.

Full compliment of contact equipment, jumps and tunnels, as well as training aids are available October through April.

Building Interior

Photo by Chantelle Charlebois

Dock & Pool

Our competition sized dock diving pool is finally here and up and running for the 2022 season!

The 40' dock, and 21'x45' pool is an exciting addition to our facility.

Jump banners for gauging jump distance, as well as an EV (extreme vertical) rig are at your disposal. We have more plans for more equipment as the seasons progress.

Lessons and rentals are available to those who can demonstrate sufficient skill.


Photo by Chantelle Charlebois

Agility Fields

We have three competition sized agility rings, one 95'x125', and two 120'x100'. Fields are mowed and kept neat and trimmed every 4-7 days; weather permitting of course.


Each ring is equipped with rubberized contacts (Galican, custom), full grip tunnels (Galican, HVC), numerous and sufficiently weighted tunnel bags, PVC/soft/lightweight jumps (Clip&Go, Galican, Max200).

Ring 3 (95'x125') is also fully equipped with equipment required for agility foundations training: bumps, helper wings, travel planks, cones.

Rings 1 and 2 are each 120'x100', but the rings centre divider is removeable in order to expand the fenced field size to 100'x240'.


Photo by Chantelle Charlebois

Walking Trails

Our open field and wooded trails make for a private and safe walking experience for you and your dog. Trails are well groomed and maintained daily.

Wildlife is common on the walking trails so on leash walks are recommended for all dog. Off-leash walking is at the owners risk and expense.


Photo by Eric Charlebois

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